Wreck Beach Spirits

The delicious goodness that finds its way into your mouth would not be possible without our team of Wreck Beachers!


AKA Oz (gets sh*t done behind the scenes), cleans topless while listening to Taylor Swift, lifelong Green Bay Packers fan (she even has a tattoo!).


Eats peanut butter straight from the jar EVERY day, struggles with authority (no sh*t), was once chased by a lion. Seriously. But it was a small one. Long story.


Was an extra in Billy Madison, loves going to the dentist (WTF), strives to combine paddleboarding and cartwheeling.

Wreck Beach
Fur Babies

The Wreck Beach Bitches, Loui & Sophie… no, seriously – they’re 2 Bitches, literally – female dogs. They contribute nothing work-wise but they’re cuddle monsters and a reminder of one of the reasons we started this crazy biz – to fund dog rescues!


We work hard and we play hard. Wreck beach is 100% female-owned. Not only are we female, but we are also LGBTQ2+.

We love Wreck Beach as it is a product that is near and dear to our hearts but we also love working with people who want to leave this world a little better than when they came into it. We believe in fair wages, an open and honest company that focuses on transparency and walking the walk while talking the talk. We hope you love our products as much as we love making them!

– The Ladies of Wreck Beach

We aren’t exactly your cookie-cutter type…
We don’t even hang out with those people.


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