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Add all the Boozie Freezies to your cart – It’s 5 O’clock somewhere!
Now is not the time to be modest or play it safe by ordering one box at a time!

The shipping costs is only a few dollars more for a few more boxes.
We also offer a 12-pack mingler for all 4 flavors (3 per flavor x 4 flavors = 12)


Can’t make up your mind? Try a Boozie Freezies Mingler pack that has all your favorite ice-pops!

Why choose?!  Let’s mingle… flavors.

3 x Boozie Freezie Glacier Margarita
3 x Boozie Freezie Vodkaberry Snow 
3 x Boozie Freezie Sunshine On The Rocks 
3 x Boozie Freezie Brisky Frisky Daquiri

Brisky Frisky Daiquiri

This daiquiri speaks for itself. Getting your hands all over this frisky goodness is as easy as “add to cart”.

Vodkaberry Snow

You are in for a berry good day when you choose to buy and eat these frozen sweet treats.

Glacier Margarita

Swimming, dipping, chipping and margarita licking never felt so good or so cold. Go on, refresh yo’ self!

Sunshine on the rocks

You need sunshine on a cloudy day? We’ve got the mango on the coconut vodka to pick you right up!

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