Boozie freezies! Think of your childhood…only tainted with fruit puree, premium spirits and the perfect amount of sweetness

Brisky Frisky Daiquiri

Brisky Frisky Daiquiri : Rum Just Had a Snowball Fight With Strawberries, lemons, And Limes.

Sunshine On the Rocks

Sunshine On the Rocks: A Tropi-Gold Fruit Twist Over Rum Coconut Creme, And a Kiss of Sweetness.

Glacier Margarita

Glacier margarita: An Icy-Cold Twist on the Southwest’s Best=agave Spirit, Rum, Lime And Salt.Dle!

VodkaBerry Snow

VodkaBerry Snow: Refreshment Takes a Vodka Splash Through Tart-Sweet Citrus And Berries.