Alana Thomson
Wreck Beach Freezies

Alana is a born, raised, and a proud Vancouverite! Life in Raincouver was great until she inevitably succumbed to the typical existential crisis one experiences in their 20’s! She garnered a from a party school in Australia – a degree (and lifestyle) that would result in future earning potential & a business idea (hold on… we will get to that story in a second).

Her Return
to Vancouver!

After Australia, Alana returned to Vancouver and landed an office job for about 2 seconds!

“What can I say –  sitting in an office is not for me!”

Instead of the 9-5 office job Alana decided to sail off into the sunset and work on mega yachts! What could go wrong? Sun, sand and drink in hand! Whelp, this turned out to be a terrible idea (and job). With her future and job prospects in the air once again Alana decided to take a trip to Africa to rid herself of the yacht life (and memories). Africa turned out to be a 3 month stint before once again returning to her roots in Vancity.


Upon arrival, her bootlegging beginnings on Wreck Beach began.  Here is where the story gets good! Remember in paragraph one when we talked about a business idea, future earnings, and potential, well it turns out the B. Comm from Australia was about to pay off big time!

“I was at wreck beach and saw the shenanigans occuring and thought – why not hide a cocktail in a Mr. Freezie?!” 

The efficiency in packaging and the nostalgic naughtiness was too much of a draw not to try out.  BOOM Business was booming!  Too booming! Alana scaled up the business and then was abruptly shut down by the PoPo.  The fuzz had caught on. Business was done and Alana took up running.


Bootlegging Aspect.

With the bootlegging years behind her and her debts to society paid for in full for her mistakes, Alana and her best friend Emily moved from Vancouver to Squamish, BC. Between rock climbing adventures and patio sessions, Alana continued her internal debate of purpose while balancing freedom. Emily continued working for the man and drinking wine. Until one day Alana realized, wait a minute… If I get my shit together and create my own company, I can have flexibility, some freedom to continue doing the things I love AND I can support causes that are important to me by funding them through our for-profit business!

Boom – Wreck Beach Spirits was born!

Emily, well of course she promptly quit her day job!

“Getting banned from the United States is pretty badass. Then coming to the US and doing what got you banned (legally and successfully) is even better.”


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