But booze doesn't freeze!
  • Alana use to get this all the time when working on Wreck Beach haha!
  • Yes, straight booze doesn’t freeze… but everything around it does! If you put a vodka soda in the freezer, does that shit freeze?  But for most efficient freezing, don’t throw them in the freezer in a big clump – spread that good stuff out!  Or turn your freezer way down, silly
Are Boozie Freezies made with premium spirits?

Hell ya! Our Boozie Freezies are made with craft premium spirits, made in the USA.  No yukky malt or wine in our Freezies!

Are Boozie Freezies made with REAL fruit puree?!

Hell ya! Our Boozie Freezies are made with a combination of natural fruit purees and concentrates. That’s what makes them so yummy!

Are Boozie Freezies made with artificial coloring or artificial flavoring?

Ewwww nope! All of our Freezies are made with natural ingredients.

Are Boozie Freezies made with artificial sweeteners?

Nope! – Boozie Freezies are made with Monk Fruit which is a South East asian fruit!  It’s totally natural.  The FDA currently classifies Monk Fruit as ‘artificial’ cause they’re slow to get to the party – but they’ll figure their sh*t out soon enough.  That’s why we have to say ‘artificial sweetener’ on the package.

Are Boozie Freezies gluten free?

Why yes they are! All 4 flavors can be enjoyed sans gluten.

How much Booze is in said Boozie Freezie?

A 100ml Boozie Freezie @ 7% ABV contains about ½ of a standard drink serving.  #nailedit!

Where can I buy Boozie Freezies?

Right here on our site!  Or check out our store locator to find a store near you!

Why the name Wreck beach and what's a Freezie?

Wreck Beach is a clothing-optional party beach on the point of Vancouver, BC. That’s where Alana’s bootlegging magic happened! A freezie is a Canadian term for that frozen plastic tube you had as a kid… So thus, the Boozie Freeze was born! It’s your childhood… only tainted!

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