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Wreck Beach Freezies

Boozie Freezies

Only available in USA for now,
coming to Canada soon!

Alana Thomson – Founder

About Alana

What do you get when you mix an innate rule-breaker, a bartender, a serial entrepreneur, a bold 20something-year-old, and a clothing-optional party beach called Wreck Beach?  Well, you get a 21st-century bootlegger named Alana Thomson and the invention of the Boozie Freezie of course!

Now that she’s gone legit, your fav childhood treat is no longer kid-appropriate.  What fun would that be?

Cheers to REAL fruit and REAL spirits.  It’s your childhood… only tainted.

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There Goes
The Neighborhood!

You probably read all about it.


Alana was a bootlegger on Wreck beach
(The Place)

  • Yes, a modern-day Capone and Clara Bow and business was good… A little too good.

The Fuzz caught on

  • Papers were written. Ego’s were bruised, now time has passed, Alana went legit and business licenses (and taxes) were and are paid.l

Legal Purchase of the freezies made by the infamous Alana

  • The company’s objective is to divert revenue to dog rescues, LGBTQ2+ initiatives, and the Gold Standard which creates carbon offsets and social sustainability.

All Natural.
7% Boozie.
Full of Flavor.

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