Our unsweetened cocktails are the perfect sun-kissed adventure buddy. Brimming with natural fruity taste, premium vodka, bubbles and a cheeky attitude that’s chill to sip as you sip it chilled.

Peach Iced Tea

"Oh man. Oh MAN. Here, you have GOT to try this." -You, 2 minutes from now.
When was the last time you sipped something you loved so much you immediately wanted to share it? Here's a hint: you're holding it right now. In here, summery-sweet iced tea gets spiked with peaches for a cocktail that's going to be your warm weather go-to for cooling off.

Cucumber Lime

Cucumber is great. Limes are fantastic. So why are they always relegated to the rim of your cocktail instead of in it? We decided to give this dynamic duo the treatment they deserve: an invite to the fizzy, spiked afterparty. The result is a crisp, intensely refreshing cocktail that puts the spotlight where it always belonged: on these hardworking, invigorating heroes.

Pink Lemonade

WHOA. Once you hear the crisp SNAP of that little silver tab overhead and a flourish of sparkling fizz, you're on your way to discovering your new favorite cocktail. A fizzy, lemon-tart, pink-toast to great times and better friends, our Pink Lemonade Vodka Punch quenches your thirst for adventure and fun. When life gives you lemons, keep your fingers crossed it's actually another can of this crafty cocktail concoction, because trust us - you're going to want another round!

Blueberry Lemon

For years, they looked longingly at each other across the fruit divide - the citrus-tart lemon and the sweet blueberry - a love forbidden. Then one night they slipped into something a little more comfortable - a vodka fizz - and, well...ahem. Let's just say they got along fine. Hey, sometimes you need to shake things up. (Note: Not literally, there's tasty, carbonated goodness in here!)

Boozie freezies! Think of your childhood…only tainted with fruit puree, premium spirits and the perfect amount of sweetness

Brisky Frisky Daiquiri

Brisky Frisky Daiquiri : Rum Just Had a Snowball Fight With Strawberries, lemons, And Limes.

Sunshine On the Rocks

Sunshine On the Rocks: A Tropi-Gold Fruit Twist Over Rum Coconut Creme, And a Kiss of Sweetness.

Glacier Margarita

Glacier margarita: An Icy-Cold Twist on the Southwest’s Best=agave Spirit, Rum, Lime And Salt.Dle!

VodkaBerry Snow

VodkaBerry Snow: Refreshment Takes a Vodka Splash Through Tart-Sweet Citrus And Berries.

Who We Are

We want to make the most outta life!  And errrr we aren’t able to sell on the actual Wreck Beach anymore.  That’s why we founded Wreck Beach Spirits!

I think we can be direct with each other… after all, you’re about to pop our top off….

We want to be your go-to memory making accomplice.   Live large, get embarrassed, laugh, cry, fall in love, make mistakes, and teach the world.  Hell, you know we won’t judge!

Most importantly, we want you to live your life driven by every corny hashtag you can imagine. Take a selfie, send a nudie – we don’t care, just have a blast!

So pop that top off, and let’s #BeCheeky



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Bootlegging Boozie Freezies on Wreck Beach to creating the legit Wreck Beach Spirits liquor brand! Hear all about how it unfolded and what yummy Vodka Fizz cocktails we’ve just released in over 70 stores throughout the province!