Ever hear about that 21st century Bootlegger on Wreck Beach?

Fondly referred to as “Freezie Girl”, our founder, Alana, bootlegged her delicious treats on this legendary beach until… the heat caught on, her boozie freezies sales got busted, she was plastered on the cover of media outlets, and got in a LOT of trouble.

But fear not! Alana’s taken her business LEGIT!

Wreck Beach Spirits now legally can stock Alana’s recipes for her Boozie Freezies as well as our unsweetened, full-flavoured canned cocktails in stores near you!

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Wreck Beach Origins

Bootlegging Boozie Freezies on Wreck Beach to creating the legit Wreck Beach Spirits liquor brand! Hear all about how it unfolded and what yummy Vodka Fizz cocktails we’ve just released in over 200 stores throughout the province!

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